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History of UA Local 112

UA Local 112 members have helped build every major building in our jurisdictional territory, from schools, colleges, and universities, to hospitals, manufacturing facilities and power houses to high rise hotels and entertainment facilities. We worked on National Halls of Fame and municipal buildings on the state, county, city, town levels and anywhere else piping systems are encountered. All of these projects were completed with skill and pride from the four generations of members that have handed down their crafts legacy from one generation to the next.

The United Association of Plumbers, Gas Fitters, Steamfitters, and Steam Fitter Helpers chartered our local on September 27, 1893. There were 17 chartered members in the local at that time. In 1923, there were 20 Plumbing and 5 Steamfitter Locals in New York State. These locals were then divided into 4 District Councils. In our council, which was the Central District Council, we had eight locals - Binghamton, Ithaca, Utica, Oswego, Watertown, and two locals from Syracuse, the plumbers and steamfitters. Today there are 3 locals in our council and 12 locals in New York State.

Local 112 offices along with other labor unions were situated at 261 Water Street until May 1964. These locals then moved to 307 Water Street until May 1964 until the labor temple was sold. Most labor unions then bought their own buildings or moved with other unions into various places. We moved with the Carpenters and Painters into the George T. Johnson home on Main Street in Johnson City in 1975. Our union meetings were held in various places throughout the area.

Our Facility At 11 Griswold Street, Binghamton

On July 1, 1972, Local Union 691 from Norwich was merged with Local 112 and our membership expanded from 413 to 480 members.

In 1977, we moved into our present location. Up until 1977, our apprentice training classes were held at Water Street and North High School, teaching only Plumbing, Steamfitting, and Welding.

On May 1, 1997, the United Association merged Local 79 from Utica with our Local and our membership grew to present 739.

  • First recorded working Business Agent was Jerry Ryan in 1936.
  • First recorded Full time Agent was Arthur Ernst in February 1945 until 1970.
  • First recorded Business Manager was Gordon Rogers elected in January 1970 until 1977.
  • Doug McMaster was elected Business Manager in 1977 to 1992.
  • Wayne Howard was elected Business Manager in January 1992 to 2000.
  • Jim Rounds was elected Business Manager in January 2000.
  • Dan Crocker was elected Business Manager in June of 2017.
  • First Fund Administrator was Doug McMaster from 1992 to 1995.
  • Members’ annual clambake started in August 1944.
  • Members 1st Christmas Party was December 15, 1956, with 50 members attending. In 1990, over 500 members and guests attended.