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Training Center

Training Center

Journeyman Training

Journeyman training is offered to all Journeymen on a continual basis. The training includes specialized subjects as well as the following regular programs and certifications:

  • Pipe Welding Certifications
  • Orbital Welding Certifications
  • Backflow Prevention Device Testing Certification
  • Medical Gas System Installation Training and Certification
  • CFC Refrigerant Handler Training and Certification
  • Electronic Controls (DDC) Training
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety
  • OSHA Hazardous Communication
  • OSHA Confined Space Entry
  • OSHA Scaffold User and Competent Person
  • Construction Supervision
  • High density polypropylene fusion
  • CAD classes

Besides looking for good mathematical facility, we screen for mature self-motivators who are willing to change and grow, and who demonstrate a genuine desire to learn.


Our Instructors are selected on the basis of professional, on-the-job experience and demonstrated teaching skills. Their on-the-job experience averages twenty years; none of our instructors have worked professionally for less than ten years. Their teaching backgrounds are also formidable: classroom training experience averages seven years. And each instructor is required every year to attend one week of instruction at United Association Training Centers to update his teaching skills relative to technological advances in the industry. These individuals are highly skilled in motivating their students. In addition, Instructors may take additional training at regional training centers during the year to meet specific needs.

Job Placement and Related Training

Apprentices are assigned to work full time for a signatory contractor. In addition to the on the job training they receive, apprentices must attend 216 hours of related classroom training each year.

By the time an individual has successfully completed the five year training program, he or she is qualified to meet any challenge in the field.

At Local Union 112 we know that these individuals are not only skilled workers but valuable ambassadors as well. Our commitment to training and excellence supports our claim that we are the best.

About Us

UA Local 112 members have helped build every major building in our jurisdictional territory, from schools, colleges, and universities, to hospitals, manufacturing facilities and power houses to high rise hotels and entertainment facilities.

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